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Many rural communities in the FDOT District Three area need transportation investment to handle growing population and economic activities. Others need assistance to maintain their existing transportation network to properly serve a spread-out community and ensure connectivity. To address these needs, the Regional Rural Transportation Plan will address safety, systems connectivity, resilience, and ACES (automated, connected, electric, and shared-use) vehicles to provide a cost-effective transportation system able to address natural and manmade disasters.


The Regional Rural Transportation Plan (RRTP) is a partnership between the Florida Department of Transportation, the Apalachee Regional Planning Council, and the five rural counties of the Apalachee Region (Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jackon, and Liberty County). The purpose of the Plan is to collect information on the five-county area’s greatest transportation needs. The Apalachee Regional Planning Council will be hosting two public workshops in each county to collaborate with the public to understand each communities’ concerns. Once finalized, the Regional Rural Transportation Plan will outline short- and long-term transportation projects for the next 20 years.

RRTP Project Map.jpg


Phase I of public engagement has begun!


Apalachicola: Wednesday, Feb 28, 6-7pm EST

Courthouse Annex, 34 Forbes Street


Carrabelle: Thursday, Feb 29, 6-7pm EST

Carrabelle City Hall, 1206 Highway 98


How you can help!

If you know of a road, bridge, or trail in need of improvement please send the information to or join us at a public workshop near you.

If you would like to request a special presentation for a community event, please reach out to

During each phase of public involvement, the Apalachee Regional Planning Council will hold two public workshops in each of the five counties. Stakeholders and interested parties are encouraged to join and bring their community members to discussions.

The Apalachee Regional Planning Council has developed an interactive map with the Florida Department of Transportation’s current projects including roads, bicycle and pedestrian trails, park and ride lots, and traffic information. You can view the map here!

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