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It has been a great pleasure to serve as ARPC Chair during the 2021-2022 year. During this time, we witnessed steady growth at the ARPC, in terms of staff, operating budget, and relevancy. The innovative nature of the Council has enabled us to embrace change, amplify existing partnerships, and make notable strides in key areas like housing, resiliency, emergency preparedness, and economic development in order to better position our diverse Region for success. As the ARPC continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of our member local governments, I invite our partners to make the most of this forum for regional collaboration so that we can continue to build on our momentum in the coming year. While I am stepping down from my position as Chair, I nevertheless look forward to celebrating ARPC’s current and future accomplishments. Please use this annual report as a guide to ARPC’s activities and accomplishments over the past year. Thank you all for your continued support, collaboration, and dedication to regionalism.         

                             - Kristin Dozier

                               Board Chair


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