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The purpose of the REVIVE! and ARPC RLF Programs is to assist small businesses in the retention, expansion, and creation of jobs in the Apalachee Region. These loans are intended for small businesses that do not qualify for traditional lending programs. Loan terms are based upon the borrower’s needs, repayment ability, and the amount financed. Collateral is required and is dependent upon the RLF loan amount and the overall credit risk.


Funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA), the programs provide a source of capital for businesses in the Apalachee Region and have been designed to fill capital gaps and promote job creation. With competitive interest rates and relatively more convenient terms than conventional lenders, the RLFs serve the local economic community by enhancing financing opportunities for businesses interested in starting or expanding in the Region.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently updating our Revolving Loan Fund Program procedures to include recommendations recently approved by the ARPC Executive Committee, as well as installing an automated loan management system to help us streamline our loan application, processing and monitoring procedures. These changes are expected to be completed in early 2023. Until these changes are in place, we will not be accepting applications. However, we are available to discuss your business plans to determine if they are eligible for revolving loan funding and, if they are eligible, the information you will need to include when we begin accepting new applications. If you have any questions about the status of these changes or would like to discuss revolving loan program in general, please email the staff members listed below.

Rick McCraw,

Melissa Franklin,


For more information or assistance with the RLF Application process, please contact Melissa Franklin, or Rick McCraw,


Application preparation assistance is available to all ARPC RLF loan applicants upon request.

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