ARPC staff fill the coordinator and administrator positions for the Riparian County Stakeholder Coalition (RCSC). The RCSC, comprised of the six riparian counties that border the Apalachicola River, includes Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, and Liberty counties. The RCSC was created by Resolution in 2007 and by Compact Agreement in 2012 to protect, support, and maintain the values of the Apalachicola River riparian counties both individually and collectively. The RCSC allows for the six counties to speak in one unified voice, provide a one point-of-contact for management issues and programs relating to the Apalachicola River, and promote the need for State and Federal funding to conduct technical evaluations and documentation.

Riparian County Stakeholder Coalition (RCSC)

Large strides have been made in the last year and we hope to keep working but need your support:
    1) A nationally recognized and attended
        conference on the Apalachicola River and Bay
        was organized by the RCSC with other
    2) The Supreme Court remanded the case back to
        the Special Master this week after finding 
        Florida to be injured by Georgia’s actions. The
        Special Master heavily referenced the RCSC-
        funded SWMP during the initial case and we
        expect he will continue to do so. This
        document, written with YOUR needs in mind,
        can help support the goals of the Counties.

    3) The RCSC Coordinator now serves as the Vice 
        Chair for the ACF Stakeholders. Here we have
        been working with federal agencies for drought
        planning to keep levels on the River higher. The
        National Weather Service told us in June that if
        we develop a better model for them to use,
        they will seriously consider using it. This could
        be great news for the Apalachicola.
    4) The RCSC is working with the National Fish and
        Wildlife Foundation to potentially develop
        restoration priorities with private dollars.
        Millions of dollars are waiting to be leveraged.


Below are the minutes from the June 2018 meeting:

RCSC Minutes 6118

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