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The Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) establishes the primary membership categories for the LEPC. Prospective members must complete an application and be approved by the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) for Hazardous Materials.  


If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Christian Levings at (850) 488-6211.




Chairman, Kevin Peters

          Leon County Emergency Management

Vice Chairwoman, Gail Stewart

          Florida Department of Health – Leon

(1) Elected State Officials

(2) Local Elected Officials

(3) Emergency Management

Pam Brownell, Franklin County Primary

          Tress Dameron, Alternate
Shawn Wood, Gadsden County, Primary

          Howard Smith, Alternate

Marshall Nelson, Gulf County, Primary

Rodney Andreasen, Jackson County, Primary

Paula Carroll, Jefferson County Primary

          Kayla Kinsey, Alternate

Kevin Peters, Leon County Primary

          Alex Mackinnon, Primary

Rhonda Lewis, Liberty County, Primary

Jennifer Nagy, Wakulla County, Primary

Adam Johnson, Calhoun County, Primary

Sara Thomas, City of Tallahassee, Primary

(4) Firefighting

Lt. Allen Willis, Primary

          Judi Davison, Alternate

(5) Emergency Medical Services

Chief Chad Abrams, Leon County EMS,Primary  

          Darryl Hall, Alternate

(6) Health

Dr. Christopher Teaf, FSU, Primary

          Laymon Gray, Alternate

Mike Mitchell, Florida Department of Health, Primary               Mike Phillips & James Futch, Alternates

Gail Stewart, Department of Health – Leon, Primary


(7) Law Enforcement

Lt. David Odom, Tallahassee Police Department, Primary

Kristina Holliday, FDLE, Primary

(8) Local Environmental Groups

Melissa Woehle, Florida DEP, Primary

          Jonathan Lara, Alternate

Earl Lingerfelt, Tallahassee Community College, Primary                Ian Waters, Alternate


(9) Hospitals

(10) Transportation

Bill Duncan, FDOT, Primary

(11) Broadcast Media

(12) Print Media

(13) Community Groups

(14) Facility Owners

Scott Nelson, St. Marks Powder, Primary

(15) Facility Operators

(16) Non‑Elected Local Officials

(17) Interested Citizens

(18) Water Management Districts

(19) Local Option

Eve Rainey, Florida Emergency Preparedness Association, Primary

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