In an innovative endeavor, eight of the largest

organizations in Leon County have pledged to 

collectively tackle some of the community's biggest

sustainability topics like waste, energy, and transportation. 

The member organizations who signed the pledge, called the

Capital Area Sustainability Compact, are Florida A&M University,

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Florida State University,

the City of Tallahassee, Leon County Schools, Tallahassee Community

College, Capital Regional Medical Center, and Leon County Government.


The member organizations created the Compact to establish a

platform where members can share information, identify collaboration opportunities, and find solutions for shared sustainability challenges.

The Compact members signed onto the Compact through an agreement that pledges each organization will create an internal sustainability action plan for their respective organization, and work in close collaboration with other Compact members

to develop a joint strategy to minimize the community footprint,

reduce community greenhouse gas emissions and drive sustainable

action in the Capital Area.


the CASC group.jpg